Explore nature on beautiful hikes suitable for all levels of difficulty and ages.

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Hotel Laurenzhof

Hikes and walks in grandiose surroundings in the municipality Lendorf in the Drautal Valley

Whether the guided hike with our experienced hiking guide Arno or a discovery round on your own: Follow the marked hiking trails or simply walk along the Drau - you will be thrilled by the splendour of colours! We are also happy to give you personal tips for walks in our region.

Here you will find some of the most beautiful tours:
The "way of love":

Total length: Schwaigerhütte - Lammersdorferhütte 8.5 km
Duration: about 6 hours including breaks
Altitude difference: 275
Arrival and parking: Schwaigerhütte (accessible via the Millstätter Almstraße)
History: After a 30-minute hike you reach the Alexanderhütte (1,786 m) and the Wall of Love - the 1st place on the path of love. Seven places and seven books lead you to the Granattor (2.066 m) in about 3 hours. At the Granattor there is the possibility to turn back or to descend to the Lammersdorfer Alm/Lammersdorferhütte (1,640 m). The walking time is about 1 hour.

Hut via Panorama Straße (approx. 2 h)

This is an easy family hike in the Goldeck summit region, easily accessible via the panoramic road.
Directions: from Lendorf via the motorway towards Villach, take the first exit towards "Spittal/Ost". Follow the main road for about 5 km in the direction of Villach, after the bridge over the Drau the panorama road begins on the right. From June to September the road is subject to tolls (€ 13.50 per vehicle). The toll is worthwhile in good visibility or with several people, as it is cheaper than the gondola. Park at the barrier approx. 150 m before the summit car park and hike up to the Goldeck summit on the right (ascent approx. 50 min.). Here you enjoy the view from 2140 m height. Continuing following the signs, you will reach the Goldeck hut after 30 minutes, which is open all year round. The innkeepers will also be happy to describe an easy way back to the car park via the Martennock summit.

Christebauer hut 1680 m

There are two peaks to choose from: Evil Nose or Bumblebee Head.
Directions: By car, follow the road past the hotel car park through the two neighbouring villages of Pusarnitz and Göriach, always straight ahead, always uphill, following the signs to Christebauer Hütte. The road is open almost all year round and toll-free. The easiest way is now to park at Asphaltende, enjoy the approx. 50 min. ascent to the hut and stop at the top with a beautiful view. For more experienced hikers, the ascent to the hut is recommended to make it easier to reach the peaks above. Above the Christbauerhütte, the red-white-red marked hiking trail divides in two directions. The easier family part leads to the Hummelkopf (1930 m), the more demanding one to the Böse Nase (2227 m). Both paths are well marked, but the widest path is not always the right one - so please pay attention to the red-white-red markings! A fantastic panorama awaits you on both summits!

Tangerner Pichlhütte

The Pichlhütte is located 1336 m above sea level high above Lake Millstätter See. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the lake, the Lurnfeld, the town of Spittal and the Kreuzeck and Reißeck groups. The Hochalmspitze (3362 m), the most striking peak of the Hohe Tauern, is within reach.
Directions: Take the toll-free slip road on the motorway feeder road to the Millstättersee exit. In Seeboden, turn left at the 2nd roundabout towards the golf course and follow the signs. At the end of Tangern turn left and follow the signs to Pichlhütte. After Asphaltende, take any parking opportunity on the side of the road. After max. 1,5 hours ascent you reach the Almhütte. If you still want to enjoy the view above the tree line, we recommend another 40 min ascent to the first Almgipfelkreuz.

Lammersdorfer Hütte (1 or 2 hours, from May to October)

Accessible via a convenient road, high above Lake Millstättersee, is this organic family business with its own alpine cheese production. The hiking possibilities here are also comfortable and varied. Very nice hut, great terrace, the landlord plays on!
Directions: via the motorway to Lake Millstättersee, 2nd roundabout up to the left. Below the castle "Sommeregg" turn right towards Tangern, continue on the road through Obermillstadt to Lammersdorf. Follow the signs to the left. Toll 5 to 6 Euro per vehicle from June to September, as this is a private road. It is worthwhile, however, because it is excellently asphalted and easy to drive up with every car to the alpine hut! From the hut you have two dreamlike beautiful hiking possibilities: the Enzian Granatsteig: From Lammersdorferhüte you follow the signs with the blue Enzian and hike approx. 3 hours a wonderful summit round way with dream panorama over all Carinthian border mountains and the eternal ice of the Hochalmspitze 3360m. Or the Jufenkreuz: From Lammersdorferhütte you follow the signs to the Jufenkreuz as an easy walk for about 1 hour and have a wonderful view up to the Großglockner from the first small summit cross.

Kohlmaier hut
(June to October)

One of the most beautiful alpine gastronomic experiences is offered by the wonderfully situated mountain hut on the southern slope of the Hinteregger Graben, above Lendorf-Hühnersberg. Drive back by car in the direction of Lendorf, at the "Cafe Trattler" turn left up past the "Kolmwirt". Approx. 400 m after Asphaltende you reach the lower hiking car park. From here it is about 1 hour to the Kohlmaierhütte. Who wants to go back from here a beautiful variant as a round way (1.5 h) climbs behind the hut approx. 150 height meters in the direction of Gmeineck. Approx. 15 m above the first hunting lodge follow the forest path on the right. Now at each junction choose the path leading down to the valley. Here you cross the Salentinigalm with wonderful old trees and a beautiful view. After the approx. 5 alpine huts, do not take the valley path when branching off, but always follow the larger path. Once you have crossed the Reinitzbach in the valley floor, you will again reach the path between the car park and the Kolmaier hut. This variant back is very sunny and recommendable.

Millstätter Alm Road
with circular hiking trail:

Schwaiger Hütte - Alexander Hütte - Millstätter Hütte (open from mid-May to October)
This comfortable panoramic alpine hut route can be reached via a convenient road high above Lake Millstättersee.
Directions: via the motorway to Lake Millstättersee, 2nd roundabout up to the left. Below the castle "Sommeregg" turn right towards Tangern, continue on the road until shortly after Laubendorf a colourful sign on the left announces the "Millstätter Almstraße". We recommend to drive up to the car park Schwaiger Hütte private road, 5 to 6 Euro from June to September. After approx. 20 min ascent from Schwaiger Hütte the road forks. We recommend to walk left over the Alexanderhütte to the Millstätter Hütte and from there down to the fork above the Schwaiger Hütte. Total walking time approx. 1.2 hours.